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  • Overview of ePrastuti

    The Government of Assam initiated a project named 'e-Prastuti' for Standardization of all Government Websites. The e-Prastuti Project for Standardization of Websites is being steered under the overall leadership of the Chief Secretary to the Government of Assam who is also the Chief Responsible Officer of the project. It is basically to establish a unified and uniform face of the websites across all departments of Government of Assam. One of the key principle of the project is that the whole ownership of the website and its contents lies with the department.

    A Website Development Cell (WDC)was formed by IT department, Government of Assam with terms of reference as follows:

    1. To assist and guide the departments in designing and development of their websites.
    2. To prepare the website framework with guidelines for Standardization.
    3. To support departments in building new sites.
    4. Capacity building of department Nodal Officials.
    5. To monitor the progress of implementation of Standardization of websites as per agreed framework etc.


    The primary purpose of developing a completely new website is adhering to the standards laid down by the "Standardization Framework of Government Websites".

    Advantage of Standardization of Website:

    1. With Simple and Easy to use intuitive interface
    2. Assured Content Authenticity and Accuracy
    3. Find Information in Minimum possible time
    4. Cater to all age groups with differing cognitive abilities

    The Process of Standardization of Website Started with the formation of Project Steering Committee. In addition to the Project Steering Committee, the following Support Structure is also considered as an important part for the implementation of the Website-

    1. Content Managers
    2. Master Trainers
    3. Web Site Administrator

    Standardization Guidelines:

    1. The department website will be the Main site and the sites of organizations under the department are the Sub –sites.
    2. The websites will need to publish the details of all the Content Managers and Web Master.
    3. The websites should have Feedback Mechanism
    4. Home Page to have the Common Minimum Information
    5. Placement to be uniform across all department websites
    6. Using the same layout, appearance, and wording for pages that are related
    7. Ensure provision of Basic Information and Services
    8. Providing a date last modified on the bottom of every page
    9. Reviewing pages at least every six months if not more frequently.
    10. Source of all documents are to be mentioned.
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