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Government Of Assam Elementary Education

DIKSHA and Energized Textbooks (ETB):



DIKSHA (Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing) is a national web platform for teachers where teachers can access, create and upload digital resources.-https://diksha.gov.in/

DIKSHA, Assam is a web page of DIKSHA web portal. DIKSHA, Assam web page is launched by Elementary Education Department, Govt. of Assam. All the e-contents created by teachers, teacher educators, and SECRT are uploaded on this web page.   - https://diksha.gov.in/as/

Audios, videos, practice resources, interactive contents are created by teachers, teacher educators, and are uploaded on DIKSHA, Assam.

e-contents in Sign Language and audio lessons for CWSN are uploaded on DIKSHA, Assam.

The video classes telecasted through the Swayam Prabha channel/PM e-Vidya channel are uploaded on DIKSHA, Assam for providing asynchronous access.

Audio lessons broadcasted through AIR are also uploaded on DIKSHA, Assam for providing asynchronous access.

Energized Textbook is a QR Code incorporated textbook that helps students and teachers to access digital content by scanning QR Code. The e-Contents uploaded on DIKSHA Portal are linked with the QR Codes printed on some of the selected physical textbooks of Assam. -https://diksha.gov.in/as/explore


A QR code is an image with patterns of black and white squares that can be read by an electronic device with a scanner. QR codes are positioned appropriately and printed on the textbooks to make it easier to access the relevant content and understand the topics better. You can scan the QR code using the DIKSHA mobile app (both registered or guest user) on your Smartphone, Tablet etc.

From 2018 to 2020-

37 textbooks of Assam are being Energized with QR Codes and are linked with the e-contents uploaded on DIKSHA, Assam web page. Among them, 29 textbooks are of Elementary level and 8 textbooks are of Secondary level.

Total classes covered in Energized Textbooks: 6 classes

Class-V: 6 textbooks

Class-VI: 8 textbooks

Class-VII: 6 textbooks

Class-VIII: 9 textbooks

Class-IX: 4 textbooks

Class-X: 4 textbooks

Total subjects covered in Energized Textbooks: 6 subjects

Assamese(L1)- 1 textbook

English-(L2)- 4 textbooks

Science- 8 textbooks

Mathematics- 13 textbooks

Social Science- 9 textbooks

Environmental Studies- 2 textbooks

Total mediums covered in Energized Textbooks: 5 mediums

Assamese-14 Textbooks

English- 17 Textbooks

Bodo-2 Textbooks

Bengali-2 Textbooks

Hindi-2 Textbooks

Total QR Code incorporated in Energized Textbooks:303

(266 nos. of chapter level QR Code)

(37 nos. of textbook level QR Code)

Activities going on for the development of 152 Energized Textbooks of Elementary, Secondary, and Higher Secondary level and will be implemented from the Academic session 2021.

Energized Textbooks will be developed in 5 selected mediums- Assamese, English, Bodo, Bengali, Hindi.