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Government Of Assam Elementary Education

Quick Response Code(QRC) -ePrastuti Standardized Websites-Govt. of Assam (A book Published by SCERT, Assam)


           It is a sincere effort of the Department of ICT, SCERT, Assam to promote innovative practice. The ICT Department, SCERT, Assam has always been in the forefront  for adoption of the emerging ICT tools, technologies and skills  for providing knowledge and information to all the stakeholders. The Standardized Websites of Govt. of Assam contain a lot of knowledge and information which needs to be known to all .

           This document contains a total of 197 Q R Codes which are linked with 197 Standardized Websites (56 main Departments and 141 Sub- Organizations) developed under ePrastuti Project of Govt. of Assam. These websites of Govt. of Assam provide Citizen-centric information and services. But unfortunately, many of the citizens are unaware of the existence of those websites. The main purpose for publishing this document is to help the stakeholders so that they will quickly and easily access to the desired websites of different departments of Govt. of Assam